Artist Dolls by Teresa Churcher

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Dolls Available

Ball jointed doll - 22cm (8 1/2").

Entirely handsculpted without the use of molds from paper/airdry clay.

Jointed in 14 places - head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper torso, hips, knees and ankles. Strung with strong elastic.

Painted in mixed media. Blushed body and painted eyes. Wigged with pale blonde mohair and tied with cream silk ribbon.

Clothes - white stockings, white cotton and lace bloomers trimmed with blue silk bows, cotton and lace dress with two attached petticoats, sleeves trimmed with blue silk bows. Shoes made from black kid leather fastened with black silk ribbon.

Price 475

One-of-a-kind, ball-jointed baby 30cm (12 inches).

This sweet baby girl has been entirely hand-sculpted from Ladoll air dry clay, with 15, kid leather lined, joints.
She has a cute new-born face with deep grey-blue eyes and a rosy complexion. Her chubby little limbs have been delicately blushed and she has white-tipped nails. Her wispy hair is fashioned from dark-brunette mohair,

Her outfit consists of :-
Bonnet - white cotton organdie with blue silk ties.
Dress - white cotton organdie with hand-embroidered and painted Easter chicks on the yoke and blue silk bow on the hem.
Knickers - white cotton organdie.
Nappy/Diaper - button-up, in ecru brushed cotton.

Price 525

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